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Google: Where oh where has my search result gone?

A few days ago I launched the Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone page. This received a lot of press ...


ZiPhone 2.4 is stable

In previous posts, I’ve stated how unstable (but awesome) ZiPhone is. Well, the development cycle has slowed down ...


ERROR – Package download failed!

After installing 1.1.3 and all that goodness, everyone I’ve talked to has the error when downloading some packages ...


It’s time to upgrade your iPhones to 1.1.3

The software is called ZiPhone and it is the first true jailbreak for 1.1.3. It is now safe ...


Want to upgrade to firmware 1.1.3? Think not.

Known 1.1.3 Jailbreak Issues: Ringtones stop working SMS Text Messages are out of order Installer gives you “Main ...