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The disk “your disk” wasn’t ejected because one or more programs may be using it

This error message has come up on a number of occasions and I’m sure many people have wondered what is the best way to deal with this. This is for macOS, OSX, Macintosh operating system. For historical sake, I’m currently running High Sierra.

I have found a few main things that cause this error on my machine…

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How to stop Amazon Music Helper from running in the background OSX

After installing Amazon Music on my mac, I noticed this background task “Amazon Music Helper” running. I tried to kill it, it came back.

The fix I used was to remove execute permission on that file:

chmod -x /Applications/Amazon\\ Music\ Helper

Then kill the process again and it shouldn’t come back.

I have bought music since then and find that all the features (that I use) work fine. This thing isn’t even needed!

AT&T iPhones auto-connect to any Access Point named att-wifi

If a hacker brings up an unsecured wifi access point named att-wifi, your AT&T iPhone will connect to it right now, without any notification or acknowledgment. Your phone will connect to att-wifi in your pocket or purse when you walk into a Starbucks. Your email and web surfing will be visible. All your network traffic can be sniffed, any clear passwords can be stolen.

Most access points require your approval to connect to them, but not att-wifi. Your AT&T iPhone will connect to att-wifi out of the box.

To disable this:

Walk into a Starbucks.
On your iPhone go to Settings -> Wi-Fi
Click the blue ball next to att-wifi.
Click “Forget this Network”

This “feature” was probably put here by Apple at the request of AT&T.

Apple, please disable this. It is a security risk to every AT&T iPhone user.