Google: Where oh where has my search result gone?

A few days ago I launched the Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone page. This received a lot of press in the Asterisk community and blogs. My site shot up to #1 for the search term “Asterisk Voicemail iPhone”.

Now a few days later and my site is not even in any search results for those terms “Asterisk Voicemail iPhone”. I’m assuming that Google has some sort of blacklisting (temporary I assume) that I have fallen into. The page is not completely blacklisted, as it still shows up for search term “chris carey”.

The funny thing is that the same exact behavior has happened on,, and How could I disappear from all four of these search engines at the same time? It appears these other three have mimicked or stolen the google algorithm so successfully that all their results are exactly the same.


2 hours after posting this, my results return to #1 in Google. NEVERMIND! 🙂

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