Fixing TinyUmbrella 4.1.4 on Mac OS X Error

If you are having errors with TinyUmbrella on Mac OS X

Something is wrong:
You don’t have admin privileges or
You have something running on port 80 or
Your hosts file is not modifiable
Please check Anti-Virus software or shutdown Skype/Teamviewer/etc as these apps block access to port 80.

Try this method:

sudo java -jar umbrella.jar

The previous commands will run TinyUmbrella as root which is what the application is expecting.

Running the by double-clicking it, or even via the Terminal with sudo open, it will run the java app as the non-privileged user which is what is causing the error.

UtahFM iPhone App

Making good progress on the UtahFM iPhone App. Got a progress bar working so now it spins while music is playing. I’d like to get some more testers but you have to be willing to upgrade to iPhoneOS 3.0beta5.

Main Screen

The About Page:

About Page