More AppleTV Updates

Trying to get System Preferences working so I can bridge or route the Ethernet port on the back of the AppleTV to my XBox. I was not able to accomplish this yet, but in my journey, I accomplished the following:

Flash Installed (can watch Hulu)

Firefox Installed

VNC working

Upgraded to Pwned iPhone OS v2.0.2

I got a 3G iPhone on Monday and have been messing with it.

Now I am running firmware v2.0.2.

MobileTerminal is finally usable and pretty feature rich. Visiting MobileTerminals website and reading the tips and tricks is a MUST so you know how to do Control-C, Tab, etc, etc. Click Here for the Tips and Tricks page

Tethering is working by using Nate True’s blog howto. Tethering means you can browse the Internet on your laptop by using the iPhone’s 3G network. (Apple and AT&T are considering offering this feature for $30 more per month) Click Here for Nate’s howto

VIM is installed for color editing of files through MobileTerminal

OpenSSH is installed for SSH server and client.

netatalk is installed and my phone is available via AFP on Bonjour. This means I can drag files to and from my iPhone as if it were a shared folder on a Mac.

Found a great resource for Apple iPhone Firmware Download Links Click Here

Lovin’ it!

Turning Ubuntu Hardy into OS X

Since I’m an Apple fanboy now of course I love the OS X experience. I wanted to theme my Ubuntu to look nicer and came across this link. I love the new fonts the most! They kick the trash out of the built in fonts.

Setting up “Time Capsule” for free with Linux

I read that it is possible to set up a network based “Time Capsule” service for use with “Time Machine” in OS X. This requires setting up Apple File Sharing (AFP) with Ubuntu Linux. This was a bit of a pain to set up. Got it working after a couple hours of struggle.

  • Set up netatalk to share a folder
  • Add the file
  • Create the sparsebundle on your mac and copy it to the NAS

Below are some links and more info

I hope to type up a complete howto when I get time. In the mean time, heres some of the links I used to get it working:

Here is a little trick to prevent the netatalk package from updating in Ubuntu:

echo “netatalk hold” | sudo dpkg –set-selections

Also, during my journey, I came across this “Time Machine”-ish software for Linux. It may be worth checking out for automated Linux backups.

Webcam won’t work with OS X? Try Macam

Trying to install a Logitech Quickcam for notebooks webcam on my wife’s Mac and it doesn’t detect it. After a little searching, I found macam. It supports hundreds of webcams previously unsupported with OS X. Installed it, camera works! However, the camera was underpowered for use with Photo Booth and iChat. I resorted to purchasing the $39 XBOX 360 Webcam. It’s not quite as nice as the iSight, but works in OS X natively, and works with both Photo Booth, and iChat.

Got a MacBook!

I took the plunge and purchased a Macintosh MacBook. So for the first time in 13 years, my main computer is a Mac. I started on Mac with the SE/30 and used the Macs during the System 6 and 7 days.

OS X is very exciting. I kick myself for not trying it sooner.

This change has fired me up about computers similar to how fired up I was after discovering Linux. Expect to see a lot of posts regarding this.