Want to upgrade to firmware 1.1.3? Think not.

Known 1.1.3 Jailbreak Issues:

  • Ringtones stop working
  • SMS Text Messages are out of order
  • Installer gives you “Main Script Error…”
  • Google Locate does not work
  • Sync issues
  • Caller ID doesn’t work
  • Edge doesn’t work
  • Third Party Apps don’t work such as Customize and Summerboad
  • OpenSSH is not working anymore and cannot be uninstalled
  • Bluetooth problems not connecting to devices
  • Limited file space for applications

1.1.3 Firmware Features (Third party apps that do the same thing)

  • Re-arange with wiggly icons (Re-arrange icons using customize)
  • Mass text message (SMSD can send out mass texts and delete individual ones)
  • Google Locate (Same thing as Navizon)
  • Create Safari bookmarks on the home screen

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