NagiosTV for Nagios 4

NagiosTV showing one service down in the CRITICAL state

NagiosTV is an alternate user interface (UI) for the Nagios open source monitoring system.

This UI is designed to be viewed on a TV or on your desktop to quickly see if all your services are up or down. This is not meant to be a replacement for the Nagios web interface.

This version adds Flynn, the character from the game Doom. This is just a bit of added fun to bring some emotion to server monitoring. The more services are down, the more angry Flynn gets.
When I walk into my office in the morning, I take a look over at Flynn and see if he is happy or angry. If he is angry then you can fix whatever needs fixing to make him happy again.

Included is a Node.js server which can be used to serve the NagiosTV web interface, and to optionally proxy connections to your Nagios server.

Open Source on GitHub:

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