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Apache Proxy with CORS headers

You want to have your JavaScript application access a remote API but that remote API does not have CORS headers. What to do?

Instead of pointing to that remote API, point to a location on an Apache server that you have control of, have it connect to that remote API for you, and also add the CORS headers so JavaScript is happy.

Apache can proxy, or hand off the API request for you while also injecting the CORS header Access-Control-Allow-Origin to that remote API response.

Apache mod_proxy
Apache mod_headers

# Proxy for BaseServer
<LocationMatch "/api">
   Header add "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" "*"

Now instead of pointing my JavaScript to, I point it to my Apache server at /api/ and that will serve the data from with the CORS header.

If you are using mod_rewrite along with this, you might need the [P] flag which tells mod_rewrite to handle the request with mod_proxy.

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Hello Chris, thank you for the very useful post. For some reason this was the only post I found that tackled this exact problem. I have a question, what if I want to write a URL that has https in the proxypass instead of http? When I do so I get a 500 Internal server error.
Thank you.

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