Master Controller Lyrics

These are unofficial Master Controller lyrics I wrote and performed for the Pertino Summer party 2013:


Logged in, Logged out
Hackers in, hackers out

HOT DISH – 2:42 B, A, G

(Chris W solo)
cheesy potato


cruising into starbux – there we go
bumpin – – master c on the stereo
got a call from my dad I’m running late
he can’t find the start button on windows 8

get an spice head pro on the horn
aint got no cash but some bacon corn
bacon corn
good as cash in some jurisdictions
spicehead bacon addictions

RAPTINO- AF and D? 9:26

(Chris W Rap)

You rap pretty fast, thats why I rap last
Your raps on game, cuz we got the same name
Your raps pretty funny, now lets make some money

git push git push git blame
now that’s just a shame


Your raps got words, cuz your rhymes got lyrics
it might be funny, cuz your rhyme’s satirc

we got serious game
serious skill
paying Amazon some serious bills
writing serious bugs
all of the time
then leave them around for QA to find

we keep the code in the servers where we have to comply
no servers in here, cuz there all in the sky
they don’t fall down they serious float
you got sick vpn I got the antidote

Ilan makes the phone sing,
cuz the network you got, is the network you bring
Marc makes the eye candy bling,
that you look at the stuff, when you look at the thing
Chris keeps the UI tight
Antony jams with his left and hacks with his right

ACK MASTER – 12:20

I”m rappin – you’re rappin too
you let me jam with you I want to thank you
you set up the beat I’ll ACK that
you set up the rhyme and I’ll slap that
no i don’t believe in violence so I take back that

some guy – tried to derive – to deprive me – of my hard drivey
pertino C.L.I. found the I.P. and told me HOST ALIVEy
got that mac back in my back pack high FIVEy

Down the wire we send a SYN packet – then we hope they ACK it
kick back , have a snack then check back for for my mac it

you and me just standing here, saying words loud and clear
wearing pants in the heat like a software engineer
gotta cool off, theres the pool, have a beer

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