Changing Calendar Colors on a Jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5

iOS 5 changed the database that deals with Calendar colors. The value is now a hex value just like CSS uses (something like #fe6548)

– Install sqlite3 via Cydia (you must have Cydia in “Developer” mode so it lists the command-line utilities)

– ssh to your iPhone (as user mobile)

– Run sqlite3 and open the calendar database

iPhone:~ mobile$ sqlite3 /var/mobile/Library/Calendar/Calendar.sqlitedb

– Issue the SQL commands to change the calendar colors:

sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#9FC6E7' WHERE title = 'Chris Carey';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#FF7537' WHERE title = 'Work';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#D06B64' WHERE title = 'Important';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#B3DC6C' WHERE title = 'School';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#4986E7' WHERE title = 'Chris & Nasique';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#AC725E' WHERE title = 'Health';

-Quit sqlite3


-Quit ssh


If needed, kill the calendar app or reboot the phone to get it to reload the new colors

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I stumbled at step one — I couldn’t find sqlite3 (or sql) in any repository within Cydia. Google didn’t yield any current results either. Help!

I just found it on my iPhone and iPad. Search: sqlite – brings up SQLite 3.x package

Source Information: Cydia/Telephoreo repo. Note: I did not add any repos from the default which ships with Cydia.

Weiiird … I tried again and still find nothing, yet all my repos are up to date. 🙁 I’m running Cydia 1.1.4. The “All Packages” list goes:
– SpyPhoto
– Sqoare
– sQuare

I’m puzzled! I even tried changing to hacker mode but no love.

That was it, should have tried that too! I see you’ve added that to your instructions. Glad I could help! lol

Cheers for the help Chris.

I can SSH to the correct file, but when I enter a command in sqllite3, all it shows is “…>” and won’t accept any commands. “.help” works once, and then it won’t do anything either.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

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