MacBook Air 2010 Faces of Death

My MacBook Air 2010 has been crashing a lot. Here is a sampling of some of the screens of death I’ve experienced over the past 3 days.

I’ve read that this is an issue with the Macbook Air’s when attached to an external monitor (link). It certainly does seem more common when connected to a monitor. However, I’ve got the crash when using the laptop without connector as well.

Also, when connected to some monitors with VGA, there is a wavyness to the screen image which look like jagged vertical saw blades.

Blue screen of death (no external monitor):


White screen of death with magenta screen of death on the external monitor:


Red screen of death with white screen of death on the external monitor:


Frozen screen with white screen of death on the external monitor:


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Same same, frequent. Took in to Apple, after two days was told could not replicate. Of course, they would have to use the Air for two weeks if that’s the way they are going to diagnose it..
I have not had the issue yet without the monitor plugged in…

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