Changing Calendar Colors on a Jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5

iOS 5 changed the database that deals with Calendar colors. The value is now a hex value just like CSS uses (something like #fe6548)

– Install sqlite3 via Cydia (you must have Cydia in “Developer” mode so it lists the command-line utilities)

– ssh to your iPhone (as user mobile)

– Run sqlite3 and open the calendar database

iPhone:~ mobile$ sqlite3 /var/mobile/Library/Calendar/Calendar.sqlitedb

– Issue the SQL commands to change the calendar colors:

sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#9FC6E7' WHERE title = 'Chris Carey';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#FF7537' WHERE title = 'Work';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#D06B64' WHERE title = 'Important';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#B3DC6C' WHERE title = 'School';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#4986E7' WHERE title = 'Chris & Nasique';
sqlite> UPDATE Calendar SET color='#AC725E' WHERE title = 'Health';

-Quit sqlite3


-Quit ssh


If needed, kill the calendar app or reboot the phone to get it to reload the new colors

Twitter API, PHP precision and scientific notation

If you use PHP and the Twitter API, be on the lookout for this issue.

Twitter IDs are up to 141 quadrillion (141 million billion). These Twitter IDs exceed PHP’s default precision of 14. So your Twitter IDs could be converted to scientific notation by PHP.

A Twitter ID of 141675395434037249 will be stored as 1.41675395434037249E+17 once PHP gets it’s hands on it.

This could cause code that has been working great for a while to stop working.

Edit your php.ini and set precision to 20, or use
ini_set(‘precision’, 20);

Debian squeeze

Here is what you need if you have some binary on Debian squeeze which wants

sudo dpkg -i libmysqlclient15off_5.0.51a-24+lenny5_i386.deb

MacBook Air 2010 Faces of Death

My MacBook Air 2010 has been crashing a lot. Here is a sampling of some of the screens of death I’ve experienced over the past 3 days.

I’ve read that this is an issue with the Macbook Air’s when attached to an external monitor (link). It certainly does seem more common when connected to a monitor. However, I’ve got the crash when using the laptop without connector as well.

Also, when connected to some monitors with VGA, there is a wavyness to the screen image which look like jagged vertical saw blades.

Blue screen of death (no external monitor):

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Firesheep netmask error solved

When using Firesheep on MacOSX you get:

“Couldn’t get netmask for device en1: en1: no IPv4 address assigned.”

Open up terminal and type “ifconfig” to see if your ethernet cart is indeed on en1. My Mac Air has the wireless card as en0, not en1.

Go to the url “about:config” in Firefox. This opens up extra configuration options for Firefox. Search for ‘firesheep’ and there will be an option to change the Firesheep interface.