Cydia crashing on launch. How to fix

Delete all files except ‘partial’ in /root/private/var/lib/apt/lists
Delete all files in /private/var/lib/dpkg/updates

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iPhone Triptych

Painted these a few months ago and realized I forgot to post them here.


How to modify iPhone Calendar colors on Jailbroken iPhone

*EDIT* updated for iOS5 here

After installing Google Sync for iPhone, I had a problem that the iPhone Calendar colors did not match the colors of the calendars in Google Calendar.

I am republishing a post by michael.ansel. I found a post by him to be the best way to change calendar colors.

One thing he failed to mention in the following steps is to install sqlite3 which is not installed by default. On your jailbroken iPhone, launch Cydia and install sqlite3.

Then proceed with these steps…