Asterisk iPhone

Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone 0.12 Released

This should be much more simple to install than previous versions.

Asterisk iPhone

Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone updated to 0.12, then 0.20

I worked a lot on Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone today. I added a bunch of great icons and cleaned up the code a lot so that the next release will be the easiest ever to install.

Here is a screenshot of v0.12:

I got so motivated that I decided to rewrite the frontend in a new AJAX library. This cut load times from 7 seconds down to 2 seconds! Its very snappy now. Here is the new version 0.20 which is using the CiUI JavaScript interface

I hope to release version 0.20 in the next few days.


g729 Codec for Asterisk


Installing Asterisk from source on Ubuntu

These packages must be installed in order to get Asterisk to compile from source on Ubuntu:

aptitude install bison flex libncurses5-dev build-essential


Ideas for a new home Asterisk system

Here is a response from Hans Fugal, to my PLUG posting back in March 2007

– Distinctive ring
– Mother-in-law logic (aka ex-girlfriend logic)
– e.g. different messages or behavior depending on who’s calling
– or even change the CID name for incoming calls to something more
hip, for a finite set of numbers (or a match of numbers)
– ring only one of the phones depending on who’s calling
– room-to-room calls
– Set up a meetme conference that you can use at the drop of a hat, e.g.
to get a bunch of people together to sing happy birthday to your cat
– TTS announcing who’s calling. aka couch potato caller ID
– caller ID pops up on the screen of your laptop/desktop/whatever – aka
computer geek caller ID
– system access, e.g. uptime, load, memory, run a script (might want to
password-protect that)
– call in and secretly monitor your cat in the living room using the
– call in and scare the cat with the console (aka paging or intercom)
– zapateller
– make up a wacky answering machine message with Audacity
– dial-a-song
– dial-a-madlib (markov chain)
– math game for the cat
– horoscope
– dictation machine
– control your rhoomba
– jukebox control
– place an automatic call to yourself when some event occurs (using the
manager API)
– new PLUG email
– SCO stock drops further
– alarm clock
– get a motion sensor and combine the intercom and call placing ideas,
to scare the cat (burglars)
– time-of-day logic (fewer rings at night, or no rings)
– write a script to place a crank call
– places call
– with spoofed CID (Jason Hall <801-555-4956>)
– playback(tt-monkeys)
– Use that crank call script automatically from a spam filter, but use
the FBI’s CID this time. Or maybe Bill Gates.
– Don’t abuse caller ID too much and ruin it for the rest of us who want
to use it for legitimate purposes (look like we called from a business
phone even though we’re at home)
– voicemail to email
– time and temperature (and other weather)
– speed dial
– gambling IVR (blackjack hand – if you win your call will be completed.
if you lose you will be disconnected)
– Allow extended family to place calls in your local area over VOIP
– Set up family voicemail (press 1 for Chris, 2 for the wife, 3 for the
– music on hold that reflects what you’re currently listening to