Monitor your TiVo (MIPS) with GKrellM

Watch your TiVo suffer as you work the CPU!

This has been tested on Series 2 Model HDVR2, but should work on any model with a MIPS based CPU.

Download the version of GKrellM-Server (gkrellmd) compiled for MIPS against GLIB1.2.
Copy the gkrellmd file on your TiVo

Required Libraries: libglib 1.2:
Get the Debian libglib 1.2 libraries for mips
I used (libglib1.2_1.2.10-4_mips.deb) from here
Extracted the .deb file by using "ar x libglib1.2_1.2.10-4_mips.deb"
Untar data.tar.gz.
Copy the libraries from ./var/lib to /var/lib on your TiVo

The libraries will give an error if you dont have a /etc/passwd file on your TiVo.
Create a /etc/passwd and add the root user:

Get gkrellmd.conf from the regular gkrellm-server package.
Copy gkrellmd.conf to /etc/gkrellmd.conf on your TiVo
Modify the pidfile location to something writable:
Modify the allow-host section to include the IP number of the machine that will connect.
Comment out user and group. We want gkrellmd to run as uid=0.

Thanks to Bill a-t for making such a cool program.

Chris Carey - Email chris a-t