Diné Bizaad Text Editor

To assist in the input of Navajo characters on Google ChromeBook.
Type in the text box, and copy/paste the words out to the application of your choice.
Jan 6, 2014 Christopher Carey http://chriscarey.com with help from Charles DiFazio - Idea from Harold Carey of Navajo People.org. We are asking Google to include the language in Google Input Tools, but until such time this page aims to assist.

A work in progress. So far, we have backtick, slash, left bracket, and right bracket working for high-tone, high-tone, nasal, and high-tone-nasal. You can press any of these modifier keys *after* another letter and it will add the accent marks. View the keyboard image below for an example of the keyboard layout.

Next to do:
  • Implement n
  • Implement ł
  • Hold option/Alt to press regular key
  • Persist data entery into localStorage so no work is lost
  • Make this page look good - make the text editor fit the screen better
  • Fix bugs related to using backspace before a modifier

Please let me know if I'm doing this wrong and send me feedback:

My page at Google Plus

Based on information learned from

and http://www.unicode.org/faq/char_combmark.html#12

To investigate: